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Huffe inspires and motivates married couples towards building a beautiful marriage and lasting family relationships. We also guide fellow Singaporeans (Non-Muslims and Muslims) and Expatriates like you who are contemplating a divorce in Singapore, by empowering you with the necessary insights (social, financial and emotional) into a divorce, practical spousal reconciliation advice, and a strong legal understanding of the divorce procedures (including finding the best Singapore divorce lawyer in the circumstances) to make the best decisions for yourself, your matrimonial assets and your children, and to thereafter move on victoriously in life.

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We understand that going through marital issues and a divorce is never easy, thus we are here to extend our hand to help you weather through this extremely difficult period in your life.


We help you acquire the necessary legal understanding on the Divorce Procedure in Singapore, and guide you in finding the best and most suitable Singapore Family Lawyer (not necessarily the Cheapest Divorce Lawyer in Singapore) in light of your circumstances.


Having understood the practical consequences and legal implications of a Divorce in Singapore, we empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your children, and to thereafter move on victoriously in life.

I find the Huffe portal very informational and insightful, and easy to navigate. The articles and content of the site were extremely useful and valuable when I was going through my divorce recently.



I could not discuss such a sensitive topic even with my family members and close friends. Thankfully I found the Huffe portal and its rich and useful content gave me the necessary insights and understanding of Divorce Law in Singapore to help me find my way around and engage a suitable divorce lawyer to fight my case and win custody over my child.



Huffe is a portal that has a heart, and focuses on helping and empowering the marriage community. Surely no one wants their marriage to end up in a divorce, and that’s where Huffe comes in to empower couples with the right knowledge and understanding of the legal implications and consequences of a divorce in times of extreme difficulty.

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